Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) & International Conference on Information Photonics and Optical Communications (IPOC)

Workshop 5: Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) and Applications

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) is a technology that records sound and vibration signals along an optical fiber. Its advantages of high sensitivity, long distance, high resolution, continuous, and real-time measurements promote the wide applications. The workshop will present the latest research progress on principles, methods, and applications of fiber optics DAS.


Special fibers and cables for DAS

Key devices and modules for DAS

Demodulation methods for DAS

Signal processing techniques for DAS

Novel techniques for high performance DAS

DAS systems and products

DAS Applications, including but not limited to:

       Seismic Data Acquisition and Monitoring

       Geohazard Monitoring and Early Warning

       Urban Activity Monitoring and Smart Cities

       Underwater Detection and Environment Monitoring

       Structural Health Monitoring for Large-scale Infrastructures