Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) & International Conference on Information Photonics and Optical Communications (IPOC)

Workshop 4: What Is the Role of Optical Technologies in Building 6G Networks?

As 5G mobile network has been commercialized and widely deployed, the research community has shifted the focus to the development of the 6G network. The key performance indicators of 6G are expected to improve by a factor of 10-100 relative to 5G, including capacity, speed and coverage. In addition, new abilities such as sensing and positioning will be embedded in 6G. To fulfill these requirements, disruptive innovations will be needed, and optical technologies are expected to play a key role. This workshop will discuss the role of optical technologies in building 6G networks. Enabling technologies and potential applications will be discussed in this workshop, including optical transmission and networking for 6G fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul, RoF, Photonic-assisted MMW and THz, FSO, VLC, MWP as well as optical switching, computing and sensing.


Optical transmission for 6G fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul

Optical networking for 6G fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul

Machine learning and AI with optics for 6G

Radio over fiber system and network for 6G

Free space optical communication for 6G

Visible light communication for 6G

Optical sensing and positioning technologies for 6G

Photonic-assisted MMW and THz communication and sensing for 6G

Microwave photonics for 6G

Key opto-electronic devices for 6G

Other optical technologies, e.g. optical switching and optical computing, for 6G