Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) & International Conference on Information Photonics and Optical Communications (IPOC)

Workshop 7: What is the Role of Optical Sensors in Building Smart Environments?

The development of optical sensors has been a major driving force behind smarter cities and industries, as well as better protection of our natural environment. This workshop invites researchers to contribute novel ideas and discussions that can stimulate the field and bridge the gap between fundamental research and real-world solutions.


Gas sensing

Bio/chemical sensing

Heavy metal sensing

Humidity sensing

Temperature sensing

Strain/acoustic/vibration sensing

Remote sensing

Point fiber-optic sensors

Distributed fiber-optic sensors

Integrated optical waveguide sensing

Wearable optical sensors

Optofluidic sensors

Optical sensor networks

Spectroscopy methods

Immunoassay methods

Sensing technologies in light pollution, heat pollution, light pollution, oil spills, etc.

Knowledge discovery from sensor data

Scale issues in the processing and application of spatial-temporal sensor data

Real-time and on-demand representation and visualization of sensor data